3D Printing: Resting Hand Splint Could Save Hospital Hundreds of Dollars

November 17, 2017 | via ProgressTH 

For children with certain conditions, hospitals will fit them with a resting hand splint. They must form to the child's hand very specifically for maximum comfort, must breath, and must be light.

Thermoplastic usually performs at least a few of these requirements well. However sheets of the plastic lack holes for ventilation. The other problem is, for Bangkok-based Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (QSNICH), reliable thermoplastic suppliers offer sheets that are very expensive, perhaps 4,000-5,000 THB (115-140 USD) a piece and might make between 5-10 splints each.

As an alternative, hospital staff began looking for alternatives and eventually contacted ProgressTH to explain the problem.

We started by tracing a volunteer's hand and 2/3 of their forearm on a piece of paper. We scanned it and imported the image into SketchUp.

Do 3D Printers Really Need to be More "Consumer Friendly?"

September 9, 2016 | via ProgressTH 

Just recently, our Ultimaker clone 3D printer, theExtrabot 3020 E3D, had a problem with its heater cartridge. We've been running it pretty hard for almost a year without any major problems so we've been lucky that this was the first real problem we faced.

Nonetheless, it was a problem. The heat would suddenly drop off during a print. If you were on hand and could jiggle the wire it might start heating again and finish the print. If you were away for even a few minutes, the temperature would drop below the melting point of the PLA plastic and the print would be ruined.

We first attempted to find and solder the faulty point in the line, but it turns out we never really found where the fault was. Eventually we had to give up and replace it. Because many 3D printers are opensource including ours it was very easy to find the exact heater cartridge we needed to replace it. We got it in about a day through the mail, and the same day it was delivered we installed it and were printing again.

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