DIYbio in Asia (Singapore)

August 13, 2014 - DIYbio is molecular biology for the hackerspace. Usually these labs get started up in hackerspaces then as they grow in terms of both membership and equipment, move into their own spaces... or a DIYbio lab. There are labs popping up all across the United States and Europe, but as of yet, we have not seen much going on in Asia. There does however appear to be DIYbio taking root in Singapore. Their latest blog entry is from July of this year, so they are still "active." This is a good sign and we hope to see more. It would be nice to have a lab eventually in Thailand.

Check out DIYbio Singapore's entry on making an OpenPCR here. They appear to have successfully put together an OpenPCR kit, a device that allows for the replication/amplification of DNA and is useful for testing and identifying DNA samples. People getting their hands on the tools of molecular biology will increase understanding and innovations, while lowering the cost of procedures and biotechnology.
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