Ultimaker Wins at London 3D PrintShow

September 5, 2014 Ultimaker won two awards (Best Consumer Product, Best Consumer Software) at this year's 3D Print Show in London. Here is a timelapse they shared of their 3D printer in action after their announcement.

Our first experience with an actual real 3D printer was an older Ultimaker featured at a SketchUp to 3D printing workshop at Bangkok Makerspace. While the presentation was given, the Ultimaker was busy in the corner printing. Every print that it made came out very well, but the user knew what he was doing and already knew it would. The impressive part was when a visitor asked to print out a 3D file he had on his thumbdrive. On the first pass, I would say it did not come out 100% perfect, but it was still very impressive especially considering it was a futuristic motorcycle with many intricate parts.

It was also fast. You could really use this in prototyping and making molds. Because here in Bangkok, we have Bangkok Makerspace and a growing number of people learning 3D printing on an Ultimaker, and because we love using SketchUp and the process to print 3D from a SketchUp model is so easy and straight forward, we'll probably be getting an Ultimaker for our own resident hackerspace, HeliosLabs.

Congratulations Ultimaker!

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