Thai Hacks #1 -- 3D Printed Arduino-Driven Fish Feeder

February 28, 2015 -- BIT Magazine Not sure if this will catch on but one of the things BIT was originally intended for was to boost the profile of Thailand's maker community. As such, it would be great to feature projects being worked on in Thai makerspaces at least once a week. It would be nice to put a description in Thai and/or English, and then send appropriate projects to sites like Hackaday and Make Magazine to help connect Thailand's makers with the rest of the world, raising their profile and opening up new opportunities.

If you're interested, please contact us here. Enter the name of your project, a brief description (in Thai or English or both), and a link you would like us to include that features your project with pictures and additional information (like code and schematics).

ThaiHacks #1, just because it's already up on Hackaday, will be the 3D printed, Arduino-driven fish feeder developed here in-house.

The project was 3D printed, uses an auger driven by a 9g micro servo modified to spin continuously to push out fish food. It can be set to feed the fish several times a day, and at varying amounts by simply adjusting the delays in the code between feedings, and adjusting the time the auger spins to add more or less food during each feeding.

Right now it is set to feed fish in an aquaponics system one time when it first powers up in the morning. There are obvious improvements that could be made (pointed out in the comment section of Hackaday), and of course you don't need to print it out in 3D to make use of this idea -- but printing it out in 3D was fun anyway!

You can find the .stl files on MakerBot's Thingiverse here. For SketchUp users (this model was made in SketchUp) you can find an exploded view here in the 3D Warehouse, and a layout version you can use to export the files to .stl for printing.

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