Everyone Has a Role in Space Exploration

July 9, 2016 | BIT Magazine While only a handful of people on Earth have an opportunity (for now) to travel to Earth orbit, their ability to do so depends on thousands of technicians, scientists, administrators, and experts on the ground. National and international space programs, in turn, depend on large networks of advocates to secure funding and support for humanity's continued expansion into space.

And even if you do not have an "official" role amid all of this, one cannot underestimate the value of everyday advocates who seek to inform, educate, and inspire their friends and family, and other like-minded individuals about the importance and advantages of space exploration and colonization.

This can be everything from just having a conversation or watching a launch online together, to people who are artistically inclined writing inspirational stories or composing inspirational artwork. Every little bit plays a role in stirring us and motivating humanity to move forward.

For those that don't know, TMRO is an Internet-based space news and advocacy community with regular show hosts and podcasters, as well as a growing community of followers and contributors.

Check out their latest podcast about 3 of TMRO's regular contributors' stories about how they became interested and involved in space, and their advice for others on how they can get involved too.

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